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Aries Rising

'As Above, So Below' Handcrafted Journal - Large

'As Above, So Below' Handcrafted Journal - Large

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Description: Large(A5). Created while in solitude and introspection of the laws of duality. 'As Above, So Below' is a reminder that one always operates in parallels. Allow your being to connect equally with both the physical and spiritual plane in order to maintain the balance your spirit requires. Remember, it's not the ego that is head it is Spirit(The Most High). 

Color: Blue/white (website display item - specify your 2 color choices during checkout)

Design Elements: Hand painted anchor, stones, marbles, gems, and glass rocks

These journals are handcrafted and made to order. They are sustainable (refillable), "FOREVER JOURNALS", and no two are the same. 

Order Instructions: 

  1. Once order has been submitted a representative from Aries Rising will email you within 1 business day at the email address you provided on your invoice
  2. Specify resin pigment/color, up to 2 . Dictate primary color and accent color 
  3. If you want the glass rocks to be a different color than your primary/accent colors, please specify this as well 
  4. Customizations (name,  etc) are available, additional costs apply
  5. Once order details have been confirmed, no alterations are allowed 
  6. Orders will be processed and shipped within 14 business days (post order finalization)

**For Bulk Orders (5+) Discount will apply** 

**Please note, colors vary, and although we try our best they can not be matched exactly**


Large (A5): 17.5cm(width), 22.5cm(length), 0.5 cm(thickness) ‎

Paper Refill: Click here

Medium(A6): 11cm (width), 18cm(length), 0.5 cm(thickness)

Paper Refill: Click here

Small(A7):  9.5cm(width), 13cm(length), 0.5 cm(thickness)

Paper Refill: Click here


The product images displayed on our website are intended to provide an accurate representation of the items available for purchase. However, it is important to note that the perception of color, texture, and other visual characteristics can be influenced by the lighting conditions under which the photographs were taken.

Hand-crafted, mixed media journal. Journal includes starter paper (25) single pieces of lined paper. Handle with care. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If journal becomes warped or misshaped due to heat exposure blow warm heat from blow dryer/heat gun or submerse in hot water, lay on a flat surface, and reshape. Assembly may be required.

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