About Us


 Aries Rising Branding

Led by Jennifer, a woman of many skills and talents who has cultivated a career in Risk & Government Regulatory Controls, Operations, and Executive Leadership spanning over 15 years at well-known Fortune 500 Companies. After making a personal commitment to delve deeper into her personal and faith- evolution, Jennifer embraced her journey of healing and growth. This transformation was not without hardship, and extremely painful days. Just like the hungry caterpillar she consumed good and released the waste, until one day she went from being enshrouded in her cocoon, to soaring in newfound beauty.  As a result, she willingly reaches back to assist those who are ready to heed their call as well.

Inspired by her desire to be creatively expressive without restraints, what began as an "I can do that" moment transitioned into euphoric freedom and artistic expansion (and, of course, "She did that!" is now always the situation). Primarily focusing on resin designs and canvas art, Aries Rising recently launched a drip/graffiti art collection called 'Drip N' Drop,' created and curated by our Founders' 12-year-old twin boys, who were born under the astrological sign Aries.

Operating in Chicagoland, Jennifer Givens founded Aries Rising in 2020 and officially launched it in 2021 as a leading lifestyle brand focused on providing products and services that inspire and encourage others to step into change and "moments of first," even when they are doing it without all the tools but still pursuing their "ram in the bush" with intense passion. Aries Rising is on a mission to motivate and witness everyone seize their moment by the horns and rise like never before. We are charging towards purpose and assisting others do the same. 

Jennifer's primary objective as a woman of vision is to provide you with proven actionable processes, supportive tools, and products to take your dreams from a fleeting mirage on the distant horizon to a living reality. This is why Aries Rising continues to evolve unafraid, you can find Jennifer speaking openly about this on our Motivational Vlog, 'Embracing Her Now'.