Collection: Drip N' Drop

Welcome to Drip N' Drop: A Twin Collaboration!

Brothers Kingston and Kirston have always had an interest in painting. During the summer of 2022, they joined their mom outside as she was working on a project. She allowed them to grab some paint and canvases to have fun while creating. Now, at the age of 12, these remarkable siblings have come together with their boundless imagination to expand on their budding artistic talents.

Enter their vibrant world, where the drip collides with the drop! Kirston, known as the "Drip" master, will leave you spellbound as he effortlessly transforms blank canvases into liquid drip symphonies. He chooses to mostly paint emojis because he likes them. Known for his caring nature, he hopes to remind you to smile.

As you venture deeper into boundless joy, prepare to embark on a cosmic journey curated by Kingston, lovingly known as "Drop." Brace yourself for an intergalactic experience as you explore Kingston's imagined planetary playground. Because he likes Science and enjoyed learning about the solar system, he specializes in planetary abstracts.

Drip N' Drop is not just a collection of artwork; it's a celebration of youthful passion, boundless creativity, and young men's leap into entrepreneurship. It serves as a testament to the power of artistic expression, reminding us that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. Kingston and Kirston invite you to embrace their art with open hearts and minds, allowing their collective energy to uplift and inspire you. Prepare to witness the extraordinary and step into the world of Drip N' Drop. 

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