Great Wonders in Action

Great Wonders in Action

Throughout our lifetime, we have been presented with "Great Wonders" - Great Wonders of the World, Great Wonders of the Body, Great Wonders of Chicago, etc. Last week, I experienced what I am calling "Jennifer's Great Wonder". I am both grateful and excited for this awe-inspiring experience. I experienced this Great Wonder because I chose to be spontaneous, I chose to trust, and I began to accept.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend time with and meet some amazing souls. What better day to share than on Father's Day. This is how the story goes...

In October 2020, I launched my first business venture, Aries Rising LLC. Initially, it was meant to be a coaching service. Although the coaching service still exists, connecting with my creativity and allowing it to come forward became my personal therapy. It blossomed into various creations of art. Eventually, my twin boys got in on it as well, and we were creating, but I was the "Heinous Hoarder". I dipped my toe in the water, but I didn't leap into the ocean. Unfortunately, when you hoard, you don't make space for new things to enter your horizon.

Fast forward to June 2023...

I met a beautiful being, Adedunla, on Thursday, and three days later, we were sitting at a table, engaging with community members together at the Christ United Methodist Church Flea Market in Alsip, IL. It didn't matter that I had less than 24 hours to prepare. The truth is, there was already proximity in my preparedness. It wasn't just a flea market; it was my walk in purpose. Yesterday wasn't about profits for me; it was about the act of doing. What a day of joy that continues to fill my heart, even today.

Thank you to Christ United Methodist Church - Alsip for being a gracious host, the many supporters, and everyone who took the time to just chat with me yesterday. The twins' artwork sold out (yes!), and they received a commission request. I also had the opportunity to see a girl's face light up with joy as she looked at her journal and declared, "I can use this to write stories in!" Speaking with her mother, Ecola, she shared with me how she encourages her children to write, and she sets the standard by writing and journaling daily.

As I conclude, I just want to say, "Your Great Wonder is awaiting." Don't measure your success by its status; measure it by the veracity of your actions.

Stay connected for our upcoming events and announcements. Aries Rising has new products, services, and additional stories to share of our Great Wonders.

Lastly, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers who support the Great Wonders of their child(ren).


Abundant Joy!                                                                                           

Jennifer (Kingston & Kirston)

Helping you find your “Ram in the Bush”


Table Showcase

Auntie Peaches & Jennifer with Adedunla

Kingston Creating New Art Work

Kingston creating new art June 18th. 

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